Exec Committee

Mr. Fred MeurerFred Meurer (Chair): Retired Army Officer, former Monterey City Manager, Past President of the Association of Defense Communities, and current member of the Governor’s Military Council

Hans Uslar (Vice-Chair): Retired Naval Officer and current Monterey City Manager


Dick Elster (At-Large Member): Retired NPS Professor, former NPS Provost, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Resource Management and Support.

Mike Clancy (Staff Member): Retired Navy Civilian, former Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC) Technical Director.

Monica Lal (Member): CEO, Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

PK Diffenbaugh (Member): Superintendent, MPUSD – Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

Steven Adams, (Member): City Manager, King City

Janine Chicourrat, (Member): Monterey County Hospitality Association

Nick Chiulos, (Member): Monterey County

Kimbley Craig (Member): Mayor, City of Salinas